Cecilia Hogan led the prospect research effort at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Wash., for 25 years. She served on the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement (Apra) board of directors from 1999-2002, where she primarily managed the production of Apra Connections, and she is a former president of Apra-NW. Right from the start, Cecilia loved to talk about prospect research and began giving presentations early in her career. Her venues have included big Apra and Apra chapters, fundraising certification programs, planned giving groups, local and regional fundraiser and grantwriter organizations, and the development of a pioneering online seminar for CASE. Cecilia has written articles about fundraising and prospect research and is the author of Prospect Research: A Primer for Growing Nonprofits (2008: Jones & Bartlett Learning, second edition). She retired from her prospect research position in late 2018. As she retired, the Apra-NW chapter named a scholarship for new researchers for Cecilia. In 2019, Cecilia was honored to join a group of six research colleagues who have received Apra's Visionary Award.

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